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One of the smallest of the Central Abaco Cays, and therefore, given an ironic name, Great Guana Cay (and neighboring Scotland Cay) is the islet of choice for those resident adventurers who wish to view the wide Atlantic Ocean even as they are viewing the Sea of Abaco.  Other than a few exotic resorts, the Cay is home to very few Abaco families and ex-patriate Guana-lovers, but the word is out.  Nipper's, Coco Paradise, Dolphin Beach and the soon to be reopened Guana Beach Resort prove so inviting in their varied forms of entertainment that their patrons have become interested in purchasing residential lots just to be near them.  The Atlantic Ocean side of Guana, with its soft, sandy beaches and waters with jewel-like tones, make the approach to this Cay by boat, a sail into Eden.

In March and April Computer Creations sponsored an essay competition in which some local students wrote about their "Island Home".  Check out how these imaginative kids described their island.

Matt Carter     Cedric Craig

General Information
Location: Approximately 9 miles by boat from Marsh Harbour or 40 minute ferry ride
Transportation to Island: Ferry service or rental boats
Activities: Pig Roasts and BBQ's at Nippers with music at Guana Beach Resort
Population: Approximately 100
Hotels/Resorts: 3
Restaurants: Gourmet and Bahamian dining
Intra-island Trans: Bicycles and golf cart rentals
Marinas: 1 - Orchid Bay Marina

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