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By Matt Carter

    My island home is very green and has tropical weather and is surrounded by water.  My home is Guana Beach Resort.  Here we have a beach that's not crowded. We also have a nice garden full of tomatoes.  The palm trees here are nice too.  On the island there is also a very nice school called Great Guana Cay School.  In this school there are two teachers, Mrs. Pinder and Mrs. Lisa.  there are fourteen kids in the school.  I like this school.  There are restaurants and resorts here.  Lots of people come from all over the world to come here.  The ocean is real calm and it's not dirty like some parts of the ocean.  I like the beaches too.  Some people like to surf, skim board, snorkel, spear fish, boogey board, and scuba dive.  It does not snow here, it only rains sometimes.  You can grow vegetables and fruits here.

    My island home has many attractions like Coco Paradise Resort.  Their resort is snuggled among the palm trees, sea grapes, and bougainvillea along a ridge of sand dunes offering visitors a nice away from it all atmosphere.

    At the pool bar or restaurant you can enjoy meals with warm ocean breezes overlooking the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic.  

    The have a gift shop were you can buy clothes, jewelry, and film.  Two of the best are Guana Beach Resort and Dolphin Beach Resort.  I like my home on the Bahamas because it is peaceful, beautiful and there are no robbers.

Story © 2000 Matt Carter  
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