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By Cedric Craig

    Great Guana Cay is where I live.  It is a quiet and peaceful place.  Many people come here to relax.  Great Guana Cay is seven miles long and has many wild animals, and also is home of the third largest barrier reef.  One hundred to one hundred and fifty people live here, like the Sands, Roberts, Bethels, and Pinders.  Many of their descendants live here today.  There are many tourist attractions on Great Guana Cay.  Like gift shops, such as Tom's T-shirts, Milo's, and Bayview Gifts.  There are resorts, like Coco Paradise, Dolphin Beach Resort, Guana Beach Resort, and Guana Seaside Village.  You can rent golf carts from Donna's Cart Rentals or Guana Cart Rentals.   

    Settlers from England settled here in the 1700's.  They started a town at Boat Harbour, a cove to the right of Guana Seaside Village.  In the early ages, pirates used to inhabit this island.  It is said that they buried treasure here.  Many hurricanes have hit this island and left it devastated.

    Great Guana Cay is very tropical and has pretty beaches.  Many of the people that live here are hard workers and some are carpenters.

    Great Guana Cay has a church, a grocery store, a hardware store, liquor store, a school, and a marina.  Pretty soon Guana Cay will have it's own post office and laundry mat.

    Great Guana Cay is a great island, and my island home.

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