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"Home of the boat builders!"  Man-O-War Cay has given birth to many talented carpenter who can turn the hardiest Abaco tree into the hardiest seaworthy vessel.  Made necessary from a time in Abaco's past when plying the waters was the only way to ensure one's family would have a livelihood of "fruits of the sea," the descendants of the Loyalists who populated Man-O-War, learned how to carve and plane and taught these skills to their sons for generations.  There are shops, marinas, and a ferry service dedicated to these vehicles of the oceans.  Boaters have been known to make Man-O-War Cay their destination of choice.  Known to many as the "dry island," Man-O-War has no liquor stores and many make it their home away from home each summer.

In March and April Computer Creations sponsored an essay competition in which some local students wrote about their "Island Home".  Check out how this imaginative kid described her island.

Beth Albury

General Information
Location: Approximately 3.5 miles by boat from Marsh Harbour 
Transportation to Island: Ferry service or rental boats
Population: Approximately 300
Hotels/Resorts: 1
Restaurants: Gourmet and Bahamian dining
Intra-island Trans: Bicycles and golf cart rentals
Marinas: 1 - Man-O-War Marina

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